Adele was developed to simplify the daily work with data. Use it as a swiss knife to fill the gap between your work with spreadsheet application like MS Excel and enterprise servers like SAP ERP.

There are many technical concepts in an easier way included. For example OLAP, in memory transformations, analysis tools,… Connectors to JDBC databases or SAP NetWeaver ABAP systems can be used to pre-analyse the data and extract it without saving the data as text files. Other connectors are planned for future versions (e.g. SAP HANA, OData, OLAP/XMLA).

Adele should not replace specialized tools like Rapid Miner, KNIME or similiary stuff. But it is designed for business people working with spreadsheet applications to analyse their data.

adele_dataset_with_filters adele_vizualization

Further links:

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3 comments on “Adele

  1. Bug Report Adele 0.32.x

    There seems to be a Bug in Adele 0.32.x: no matter what I do, I can’t import data (neihter via clipboard, nor via .csv). I also tried it with the sample data provided on sourceforge. Same problem on both, OSX and WIN7. Import works fine on Adele 0.31.2 and below.

    Otherwise: great work!

    Best Regards,

    Error Log:

    ERROR: XdAdeleBL – import from file finished with errors
    ERROR: XdUserMsg – user error message: {$msgErrorPluginNoValidFound}
    ERROR: XdAdePluginTextImportMgr – no installed plugins
    INFO: XdAdeleBLUpdater – weeky downloads detected: 54
    INFO: XdAdeleBLUpdater – found update filename:
    INFO: XdAdePluginJdbcMgr – already loaded known jdbc drivers: 1
    INFO: XdAdePluginJdbcMgr – driver config loaded with 13 configured drivers.
    INFO: adele service handler started
    WARN: XdAdeleBL – key loading finished with errors
    ERROR: XdAdeleBL –
    Current classpath:
    ERROR: XdAdeleBL – error while initializing plugin framework: edu/uci/ics/jung/graph/Graph
    INFO: XdAdeleBL – Library paths dynamically installed: -2
    INFO: XdUtilSystem – cached user dir: /Users/xxx/Adele
    INFO: XdUtilSystem – cached shared dir: /Users/Shared/Adele
    INFO: application arguments detected: 0

    • Hi Alexander,

      Thank you for your comment. The error is known and reported by other users too. From version 0.32.1 a workaround could work: uncomment an set the parameter adele.import.tabfile.usenew=true. See file cfg/properties.cfg for this.

      Sorry about this. I try to find the error and solve it for the next versions.

      Background: i switched to a new import to support csv format with richtext (e.g. exported from excel with cells using enters).

      Best regards

  2. Update: the error is located and I hope to solve it with version 0.33.0 next week. Sorry about that. Please use the sourceforge site to report bugs. Thx

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